A Better Way to Build Stairs

GoPro™ Universal Stair Bracket Accommodates Any Staircase Pitch.

Saves Time and Money

  • Saves 50% of the time it takes to cut a traditional stringer
  • Minimal marking and cutting
  • Predrilled holes to secure steps treads and risers

High Quality

  • Factory-made to tight specifications
  • Precise measurements
  • 16-gauge G-185 hot-dipped steel does not split or warp
  • Sturdier than traditional staircases

Less Noise from Squeaking

  • Less wood-to-wood contact
  • Screws used instead of nails
  • No warping or shrinkage

Easy to Use

  • Accommodates any staircase pitch
  • Easy-to-learn technique
  • Use inside or out

Better Looking

  • Hidden Fasteners

Environmentally Friendly

  • 50% Less wood needed for the stringer (a 2" x 6" instead of a 2" x 12")
  • Less waste
  • Reusable
All brackets meet or exceed IRC and IBC requirements as per IAPMO-ER-122.
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Read what the industry is saying!

The Universal Stair Bracket just earned the coveted Handyman Club of America Member-Tested seal from Handy magazine. Click for more details

Universal Stair Bracket named an Editor's Choice Hot Product at the 2009 International Builder's Show. Click for more details

Listen to CEO Steve Peplin discuss the Universal Stair Bracket with home improvement guru Michael King on national radio!

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